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, and even took one fifth of african-americans. what's more, obama care nearly cost terry mcauliffe the virginia governor's race. clearly republicans now have a pattern for winning the white house in 2016 and a new star in the front ranks of possible candidates. >> i know that tonight a dispirited america, angry with their dysfunctional government in washington -- [ cheers ] >> -- looks to new jersey to say, is what i think happening really happening? are people really coming together? >> well, the fact is, new jersey's very impressive. i would say also frankly there are a lot of other impressive republican governors around the country. but i think tonight we can look at this. and i know you don't want to hear it. i think the biggest story of the actual events of today were terry mcauliffe going from 15 points ahead 10 days ago to almost losing while outspending his opponent by at least 4 to 1. and the only change was obama care. >> well first of all, you can't possibly be falling for this chris christie stunt where he runs the score up by dodging cory booker, wasting $12 mil
that democratic candidates will be able to run on obama care as an advantage leading us into the 2014 elections. >> i've got to be honest the dulcet tones of debbie wasserman schultz didn't exactly set the mood, if you know what i mean, but regardless, congressman, you ran in 2010 as the more pro-obama care democrat. tell your viewers and your constituents tonight to their faces, are you going to run on obama care in 2014? >> first, congratulations. also i have to correct you, i ran in 2012. >> i'm sorry. >> i didn't have the opportunity to vote one way or the other when it first came up, but i am a supporter. i think the broad-brush strokes are having good. such an people in pennsylvania, you know how many people we have? 2.4 million. we need to take care of these people. 1 million uninsured people. >> how many have signed up? do you know? >> i don't. obviously it's a disappointing roll-out. but you do line that he's owned the problem. he understands the principle of the buck stops here, and anybody who thought the roll-out was going to be smooth and without hitches is not lives in the real wo
at a military level. this news comes just days after president obama got the iranians to the negotiating table over their nuclear program. it is a dangerous world out there. and i am glad tonight we have a president who knows how to use defense and diplomacy. in times like this we need a leader who can be tough without being a cowboy. >> he certainly has a chance to prove that. he has karzai and he have things developing with the iranians and the new challenge with the chinese which may be in fact the most dangerous of the three current activities of the and that doesn't count iraq, syria, libya, you name it. >> i'm glad we've got a cool hand, no reckless cowboys. >> we're going to discuss how cool that hand is in a minute. in the crossfire tonight, peter bienert and bill crystal. this was a very significant development. and frankly raises some serious questions. the chinese, as you know, have been claiming more and more and more expansive position. we have a map that shows our viewers, the chinese are currently claiming all the way out into the east china sea and into the south china sea. the
clinton's statement so shocking is it comes from someone who's talked long and thus yasically in obama's favor, and in all fairness he still favors obama care, but now he's admitting that this president has a big problem with his credibility. and remember, this is a guy who knows all about credibility problems. >> well, putting aside your comment about president clinton having credibility problems. we know what happened the last time people went after president clinton on credibility problems. they lefte lost credibility. you left out that premise that this country is better off without obama care. i appreciate the outrage about the impact of this health care law. republicans have no idea how to fix it, nor do they want to fix it. nor do they have any workable ideas of their own. first question in the crossfire tonight, weekly standard editor bill crystal. and tom hartman. the first question to you, bill, i appreciate the outrage, as i said to newt earlier, but this is baloney. it's disingenuous, could you name one person who is truly interested in making constructive changes as senato
>>> tonight on "crossfire", the president and his obama care team are on an apology tour. >> i want to go in and fix it myself, but i don't write code. >> why can some politicians admit they were wrong -- >> i take full responsibility for my own access. >> how profoundly sorry i am. >> while others can't. >>> on the left, stephanie cutter. on the right kevin madden. in the crossfire, ruth marcus, and grover norquist, who opposes it. is apologizing shrewd politics? or just sorry? tonight on "crossfire." >>> welcome to "crossfire." i'm kevin madden on the right itches i'm stephanie cutter on the left. we have two great guests in the crossfire tonight, gull first let's talk about the president's apology. he's sorry because some americans are losing their insurance plans, and they're costing more. he did promise if you liked your plan, you could keep it, admittedly i've used that line, too, and there's no doubt the administration oversold it, but there are some facts that could be ignored. we are talking about roughly 3% of americans who could be paying more, and their old plans aren't
been. >>> on the left van jonesings on the right newt gingrich. bernie sander, an obama care supporter, and david vitter, one of his harshest critics. fixes obama care or playing politics. >>> welcome to "crossfire" i'm newt gingrich on the right. >> i'm van jones on the left. two u.s. senators, bernie sanders who supports obama care and david vitter who does not. tonight republicans are jumping up and down, they're so happy, saying obama care is terrible. if you look at the actual election results, you will see a much different story. new jersey governor chris christie embraced obama care's medicaid expansion, and he won. virginia governor-elect terry mcauliffe was in a close race. he embraced obama care. he won. the gigt who spend the whole time fighting obama care, lost. there's no wonder that the president is in texas tonight arguing giving millions of people access to health insurance is a good idea. >> you have a wonderful fantasy life. >>> second, in virginia, two weeks ago terry mcauliffe was up 13 points and cuccinelli turned on the obama care issue, and he cut that lead to un
that's it for me. crossfire starts right now. >>> tonight, on crossfire, president obama's second term blues. new poll numbers and record lows. his judicial nominees, blocked. his signature achievement in intensive care. >> nobody in this town's doing technically we particularly well at the moment when it comes to the opinions of the american people. >>> how does the president come back. can president obama save his second term agenda? and can republicans resist the temptation to self-destrukt? tonight on crossfire. >>> i'm s.e. cupp on the right. >> and i am van jones on the left. look, i know everybody is all hyperfocused on obama care and obama's bad poll numbers, but we'll get to that, but, you know what? there's a deeper story here, and i think we're missing it. president obama this afternoon highlighted his achievements on the economy, and they're actually, surprisingly, good. stocks, that means your retirement accounts, way, way up. near all-time highs. unemployment, down. american energy production, which nobody's talking about, up, which means gas prices down. now remembe
in practical terms is unless one of president obama's nominees is truly controversial, he or she almost surely will get confirmed, as long as democrats are in control of the senate. the reason is because what democrats did is they changed the rules so that instead of a 6 on-vote threshold for nominees to get through to overcome a filibuster, it is now a 51-vote threshold, a simple majority. the reason it's called a nuclear option is because the shoe is not always on this foot. democrats, as you well know, stephanie, are often in the minority, not just the majority. this could come back to haunt them when republicans are in charch of the senate and at the white house. >> thanks, dana. let's take a minute to turn back the clock. in 2005, i ran the campaign against the option when i worked for senator reid. back then. the republicans were the ones threatening to go nuclear. in the end democrats accepted a deal that put some of the day's most conservative judges on the bench, but today republicans won't -- throughout history they used the filibuster in extraordinary circumstances. today republican
the whoa nature of the obama economy and the degree to which the general -- is not creating the economic growth we would like? >> let's face it, the financial crisis was an unbelievable catastrop catastrophe. we've had many jobs of growth. i think the bigger issue is what is the changed role with the u.s. economy and global economy? that's something we have to make sure that people understand. when i talk to folks in delaware, how we can make businesses more successful frankly it comes down to the quality of the workforce. that's going on across the country. >> so from your perspective, how much of it is what you can do to make delaware competitive, and how much of it is caught up in this large i national economic challenge? >> i think to some extent the rising tide lifts all boats, but that being said, i don't think you'll find any governor prepared to sit back and wait for the national economy to get better on its own. we compete with each other all the time, but it certainly helps when the overall economy is growing. >> scott, the republicans here in washington, d.c., they're actually
. it's too bad for president obama, honoring kennedy seems to be a symbolic moment, rather than a chance to learn from him, maybe to change something. >> i loved it right until the last sentence. well, look -- >> don't you think he should learn? >> i think he should and is learning. even jfk, he had his bay of pigs moment. i think the senators know better than to county him out. we have senator ben cardin and senator tim cot. welcome to both of you. now, listen, i am concerned, because i have been watching all this footage from the kennedy era. it seems like there was a time when you had the parties cooperating, working together, now it looks like a big mess, even on something as simple as getting judges approved through the senate. we're going to have to have a nuclear option to get judges approved? what is going on in the senate? >> having a nuclear option is like having obama care 2.0. the fact of the matter is over the last 15 years we've seen only two defeated. so the fact of the matter as it result to getting judges approved, it's happening form the question we really shou
, duping people. how do you support a terrible law like this and say obama is wrong? >> first, van, it doesn't do the thing you describe. it gives a bit of power back to people. it says if you like the plan you have, you can keep it. it's not just you. if somebody else has the same ability to go and get that plan. one thing you're failing to mention. they went further to say this move by the president today would actually increase costs even more. it's not just the cancellation. millions are losing their good plans. another broken promise by the president was that his law would lower costs. we're seeing people have higher costs. >> and some higher and some lower, but crier plan allows -- it does not require these insurance companies to keep those plans. it allows it. what it really does is it's a back door, opening the back door for our system, does it allow or require? >> first of all, it's not a man daylight, because the mandates have raised the costs. this came out in our hearing with secretary sebelius a week and a half ago. people are just fed up with washington about. the pre
in the short run hurt the party, but in the long run, he led people know he stands for something. obama care is an assault on this country. most doctors don't like it, it will make our health care worse, and obama made a bunch of promises that turned out not to be true. >> no, no, that was a horrible decision, a dumb strategy. that really is the difference between the two wings of the party that we're going to figure out before the 2014 election. whether you like it or not, the american people have returned divided government to washington. the republicans control the house of representatives, the democrats the senate and the president of course is a democrat. so governs means you have to find the doable. sadly, the names that have been mentioned here tonight think you have to be pure lie caesar's wife or ivory soap, whatever the case may be, and you can't deviate. god forbid you find common ground and work something out. to think you're going to filibuster for 21 hours on the house floor, shut down the government, bring us to the risk of default and all of a sudden in the face of that presi
'm a california. in california we definitely adopted obama care. let's make this work. we have an insurance commissioner. i actually went into covered california. get what, it's just a dollar different than what i would get in california, unfortunately i'm being forced into d.c.'s exchange, when i didn't know, but that's what obm, or whoever the personnel office decided for us. by the way, the aca, the obama care law actually grandfathered people like that to be able to keep them. it didn't grandfather what companies could charge you for that policy. in the last three years i've seen the policies try to do 34% increases a years, 43% increases, 23% increases per year. i was the first one to sent a letter to them, to call them in, to talk to blue cross blue shield and say, listen, these are unacceptable. >> to make sure -- >> they have going to increase any of. the policies those people have -- >> just one question -- what happens if somebody ends up in january 5th in the hospital thinks they have count, don't have coverage. do they sue the federal government? i mean, when you have a big gap
used the same playbook that president obama used to win virginia, increasing the electorate, bringing out young people, bringing out minorities, bringing out women, and he painted his opponent as somebody who was right weng, a fringe candidate, an extremist and j unacceptable to a moderate state. >> i think you have to look at these races as two completely different races. number one, you have an incumbent people already knew. the problem with cuccinelli, he was with down and had no brand equity, which meant that the democrats can come in very early and define him as they did as an extremist, and frankly, i never thought he did an effective enough job introducing himself to the voters and getting rid of that. second of all, unlike new jersey where christi was seen as independent, i do think the republicans shot themselves in the foot on some of their antics in washington and had a much bigger impact on this race, and it wasn't until cuccinelli started to make obama care the main issue that he started to improve in the polls. >> i don't know if he's improving. because the latest poll s
gates, president obama, jeffrey sacks, richard branson, paul allen, nathan, the world's leading climate scientists all saying we need nuclear energy. we can't bet the planet on solar which employs .1% and on wind which is totally dependent on federal subsidies. this is a very dangerous bet. >> this is ridiculous what he's saying. warren buffett says nuclear power is uneconomical. >> when they built fukushima and chernobyl, when they built three mile, they said it was a 1 in 10,000 odds that there would be a meltdown. now we've had three meltdowns in 35 years in three countries. would you take those odds to las vegas today? 1 in 10,000? >> first of all, i was 8 years old when three-mile accident happened so i don't feel like should be responsible for what happened when i was a baby. the good thing is it is studied really carefully by the international agency, the world health organization, articles in lancet. so ralph can speculate all you want. the science is clear about the safety of nuclear. you've had three serious accidents. coal, when you don't have accidents, when it is functionin
" -- is president obama surrendering to iran? will his new deal slow its push for nuclear weapons? >> tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do political, but it's not the right thing for our security. >> should the u.s. ease up on sanctions? ivlts it's a historic mistake. >>> on the left van jones. on the right, newt gingrich. in the "crossfire", treata parsi, and cliff may, who doesn't support it. is the president making peace or getting fooled? tonight on "crossfire." >>> welcome to "crossfire." i'm van jones on the left. i'm newt gingrich on the right. in the crossfire tonight, two guests who come down on different sides. my view is very simple. this is surrender to the iranians. it's an exact parallel to what happened with north korea when the state department team was duped, patted themselves all the way to the koreans' nuclear explosion. today both saudis and israelis, who never agree on anything, are calling this a stupid deal. apparently the seam people who told him the website would work, also told him this would work. >> first of all, this is a big difference. first of all, i
. i'm calling bill clinton, warren and obama the tricky triangle which my fellow nascar fans will get. >> we call them global icons, with this much genius. >> but only one of them can be president. >> true, and her name will be hillary clinton. >> we've got donna brazil. >>> welcome to you both. everybody seems to be terrified of hillary clinton. one was saying you have ton an outsider to be a serious presidential candidate remember she was going to be invince able last time, it turns out she wasn't. on the republican side, you can't play in the game. i think an outsider will help, but not the only factor. >> but really, seriously, right now it looks like the republican party, despite all the stuff about obama care, very unpopular. i don't see a lot of great ideas. how would you stop hillary clinton? i don't think -- >> there's good case studies around a how republicans win in swing or even blue areas. go to wisconsin, the home of progressive politics from the left, and scott walker serving as governor. go to the blue state of arizona, or new mexico -- >> you're not intimidated? you'r
is a matter of carrots and sticks and since mrs. obama got to the white house, so is dinner. >> food at the white house didn't delineate along political lines. it delineated very much along gender lines. >> sure, he might sneak into five guys for a burger every once in a while, but it does seem president obama is mostly toeing the line. george w. bush with all his working out always seemed fit. the only food that gave him trouble, the pretzel that he choked on. >> when you're eating pretzels, chew before you swallow. >> the menu on the white house has always been a bit fickle. george h.w. bush hated broccoli. ronald reagan loved his jelly beans. jimmy carter was a peanut farmer. >> we try to keep them on the straight and narrow in terms of a healthy diet, but he is the president and he chooses to eat what he chooses to eat. >> so as president obama gets deeper into his second term with sagging approval ratings, maybe he should consider the clinton vegan path. it may not help with actual human voters, but other constituencies, they'll love it. >> you have my blessing. >> john berman,
spoke to president obama, who raised amir's situation with president rouhani directly when he spoke by telephone during president rouhani's visit to new york during the united nations general assembly. so i'm confident that our government is doing all it can to get amir out. the real question is whether we can trust iran to live up to this agreement and one tangible proof, point of proof that we can trust them is if they take a step toward the global community by releasing amir and the other prisoners that are being held. >> this must be a positive step, a different outreach coming out of tehran in a number of different ways. have any indications been communicated to you through the white house or the state department in terms of a reaction from the iranian government? are they open to at least talking about your brother-in-law's case? are they giving any positive signals that give you renewed hope here? >> well, i know from my point of view, i'm confident that ongoing direct communication during the current nuclear negotiations include sidebar discussions about amir and about the o
gates, president obama, jeffrey sax, richard branson, paul allen, nathan morville, leading climate scientists saying we need nuclear energy because we can't bet the planet on solar which provides 1/10th of one% and on wind totally dependent on federal subsidies. that is a very dangerous bet. >> let's talk about dangerous. >> this is ridiculous what he's saying. warren buffett by the way says nuclear power is uneconomical. okay. go ahead. >> so when they built fukushima, and chernobyl, when they built three mile, they said it was a one in 10,000 odds that there would be a meltdown. and now we've had three meltdowns in 35 years in three countries. would you take those odds to las vegas today? one in 10,000? >> well, so first of all, i was eight years old when three mile island happened. i don't really feel like i should be responsible for whatever claims people were making when i was a baby. there's accidents in every energy industry. it's studied really carefully by the international energy aso, world health organization, articles in lancet. ralph can speculate all he wants. the sci
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)

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